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The + and - of Dreamation 08

We just got back from Dreamation last night and had a hell of a good time as usual. While I won't go into excruciating detail, I will point out some of the highlights and the low points for me.

+ My Wife surprising me and showing up in the middle of the Convention.
+ Finally getting to play Barron Munchausen with Michael Miller.
+ Got into a playtest game of Jeff Himmelman's Kingdom of Nothing. Damn I can't wait for this game to be out.
+ Breakfast with Rob Donoghue and a about a dozen other people that showed up to do the same.
+ Running three absolutely rocking games of my Giants RPG, and getting some rock solid feedback from fellas like Rob Donoghue, Fred Hicks, Thor Olavsrud, Radek Drozdalski, and many others that played in the games.
+ Getting several rock solid interviews for the Podcasts, and as always the Indie design round table.

- While I love Dremation, and this one was still awesome, the hotel was just laid out horribly for the con and walking through twisted narrow hallways with hundreds of other people made it feel claustrophobic.
- Someone put Rape into the Barron Munchausen story that I played in and it was just plain awful.


"Someone put Rape into the Barron Munchausen story that I played in and it was just plain awful."

What? Dude, did people chuck coins at him to change it? If it'd been me, I totally would've done that and then dueled him out if he'd pressed his luck.

I mean, you can be a scoundrel and seduce unwitting partners, but out-and-out rape is not in the thematic space of Baron Munchausen.

Yeah, when I heard about this my brain fizzled. "Baron Munchausen? Rape? WHAT?"

Though I don't think using the game mechanics was the way to deal with this. This was a pause game, talk about it as a group issue.
Nearly the entire table spent coins trying to get him to change the subject. The poor guy just wouldn't catch on.
It really was awful.

I felt, the next day, that any one of the first four players could and should have said something like "Time out, man. I'm really not comfortable with the introduction of rape into this game, please take it off the table."

But it was about 1:30am by then, and we were all tired, and I suppose our brains were all struggling so hard to cope with the fact that rape had been introduced, and in such a grotesque way, and into Baron Munchhausen, FFS, that we just couldn't reason our way to the point of breaking out of the game back up to the player level to say No!

I've added it to the set of {gaming things I will not allow at my table, evar, and have consequently written a mental macro to object to automatically}, where it joins eating meat paste with a knife, from a Dreamation past.
I love Munchausen and am always up for a game.
I don't own it. Yet.
while I would love to say that this was an isolated incident, I would, in fact, be lying.
It is regrettable that some of the gamers on the circuit really have no concept of what the word means, what the act actually does to it's victims, & that no, it is never a suitable subject for humor. I'm just sorry you felt your game was sullied by it.
Hi. I've been poking around for info on Munchausen and found this post (sorry to hear you had a warped player!). Since I can't purchase it or get a pdf anywhere (and if you do know a source, I'd appreciate it!) I have come to the point where I'm soliciting advice from strangers.

I'm off to Norwescon next week and several of my friends are very keen to play Munchausen, but I am a little fuzzy on the details of the game. Can you provide me with (or point me to) a decent summary of the rules? Thank you either way.
Hello Snakewater. Unfortunately that was my first time playing Munchausen, and I know very little about the game or where to get it.

Fortunately I know a great deal of gamers, and one of them is bound to have an idea. Hop on over to the forum for the Sons of Kryos Gaming Podcast (http://www.sonsofkryos.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=539) and see if anyone replies.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
thank you! I checked the forum and I'll look into the ebay option.

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